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    Sana Scent LLC

    Sana Scent LLC was created in the very first month of 2019, it was the day I decided I no longer wanted to let my mental health control me. Initially I started my research on the benefits of essential oils, which lead me to create my first set of aromatherapy soy candles. Who knew my hands could birth something so essential and that actually helped myself and others. My herbal brand not only helped me mentally, it helped me spiritually and physically.

    After the candles were born I decided to add a few more hand-crafted essential items, which lead up to the body and herbal care. Sana has a few meanings however what stuck out to me most was - radiance, brightness, and healing. My mission is to help heal the mind, body and/or soul from the inside out or outside in. I wanted to give the choice to start with your physical being and work your way in or to start inside mentally resulting in radiant clear skin. 

    Sana Scent body care was formulated to benefit my unbalanced melanin skin - from exfoliating scrubs, serums & body moisturizers that actually kept my combination skin hydrated. Each skin care product is designed for skin types/tones of all shades from lightest to the richest cocoa. No matter how dry, oily, or hyper-pigmented your skin may be - we will find the glow just for you!

    I love to be consistent with everything I do, consistency plays a huge part in healthy habits. My passion for clear skin started as a young adult, I always had a interest for face washes, oils, toners however nothing was honestly ideal for my skin it constantly resulted in dry irritated skin. I wanted to create products for flawed skin such as my own, dry skin is very uncomfortable if you ask me.

    I started making products in small batches to ensure the herbs and plant-based carrier oils used met the specific skin needs. Children and pet friendly products for all ages! My main focus was to create affordable body and aromatherapy products for melanin skin while educating the mind. I started with a simple idea I ran by my partner to help myself and ended up assisting beautiful souls all over the US. In due time I know we will expand all over the world, one smile at a time.   

    Sana Scent offers self care tips, unique herbal/aromatherapy care items along with a myriad of products to assist all Melanin types. I believe in promoting natural skin goals by sharing real photos/videos of myself along with current clients with their permission of course. I present before, during and results of consistent self care, motivating everyone to keep flourishing and Skin-vesting. Whether you have oily skin, dry flaky skin, or just want to practice self-care, I got you covered!                              Im ready to start this new journey whenever you are!


    Love, Sha'keyla

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