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Smooth Skin, Whose This?

Mamba is one of our exfoliating body frostings, it was formulated to remove damaged melanin leaving it smooth and luminous. This plant-based exfoliating scrub contains tiny grains of organic sugar that penetrates the top layers of the skin allowing the new layer to show up and out! Add this to your spa night or self care routine, your skin will truly love you. Mamba gently buffs away dead, dull skin for ultra shine, even complexion and a natural shimmer. 

Essentials: black tea herbs, coconut oil, almond oil, neem, grape-seed oil, organic sugar, avocado oil.
How to: Scoop a generous amount of frosting on your damp skin and rinse. Use as needed on wet skin for a hydrated luminous glow.
Fun Fact: Avocado promotes collagen production, which helps new skin cells grow in.
Storage: Keep in room temperature area.

Sana Skin items are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, plant-based, and hand sculpted with nothing but the best herbs.