Night Bae

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Good Night Bae!

Night Bae serum is a perfect way to reward your skin after a great day or the longest one. This serum is perfect if you have acne-prone skin or just want indulge in self care and wake up refreshed and hydrated. The plant-based ingredients packed in this serum fights dark blemishes, smooths uneven skin while you get a good nights rest. 


Essentials: tea tree oil, argan, pumpkin oil, sunflower oil, vitamin c, peppermint oil, sage, tamanu oil, rice bran oil, grape seed oil, jojoba, papaya extract, phenonip.
How to: Gently massage two to three drops of Night Bae into the skin evenly allowing it to lock in and secure a healthy glow. Recommended to use at the end of skin routine right before bed. 
Fun Fact: Night Bae serum is extremely hydrating and protecting, while caressing the skin leaving it silky smooth.
Storage: Keep in dry area, 12 months. 

Sana Skin items are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, plant-based, and hand sculpted with nothing but the best herbs.