Honey Drizzle

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Honeyyy, Balance is Key! 

Time to make those pesky acne marks jelly! Honey Drizzle is our secret golden jelly cleanser, it was formulated to not only cleanse but sooth and smooth all at once. The inner you will be so excited to pop out after you indulged into some Honey Drizzle. This cleanser is perfect for even the most sensitive melanin, that's how gentle the aloe vera and rose water kisses your skin you don't even feel it. This daily ultra hydrating gem is also known for the deepest cleanse your skin will ever feel, believe me. You can drizzle this cleanser on at any time of day, watch how it firms and protects the skin on the inside while the natural balanced glow pops out! 

Essentials: aloe vera, h20, coconut oil, argan oil, rose water, cucumber oil, vitamin c, vitamin e, grape-seed, tea tree, chamomile, glycerin, leucidal liquid, hyaluronic acid, phenonip.
How to: Shake well to activate plant-based ingredients. Gently massage one to two pumps into wet skin. Rinse with cool water and pat dry. Recommended to use twice daily and followed with a toner of your choice. For dry to normal skin types. 
Fun Fact: Rose water is known to balance natural oils, reduce irritation, naturally hydrating and creates smoother looking appearance.  
Storage: Store in cool dry area, 7 months.

Sana Skin items are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, plant-based, and hand sculpted with nothing but the best herbs.