Pore It Up

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Pores enlarged? Pores congested? Let’s pore it up! 

Pore it up toner was designed to not only minimize pores but also exfoliate away the built up dirt and dead skin left behind. You will begin to see your Melanin balanced and brighter.

Essentials: tea tree oil, rosemary, h20, aloe vera, peppermint extract, sea fennel, citric acid, phenonip. 
How to: Cleanse and pat your face dry. Spray a few pumps onto the skin with eyes closed or spray onto a cotton round and gently spread the toner evenly across your face. Tingling sensation is normal. When the toner has dried, apply the serum of your choice.
Fun Fact: If you are pregnant, may become pregnant and/or nursing, I would not recommend using this serum. Please consult with your doctor prior to use.
Storage: Keep in dry area, 9 months.

Sana Skin items are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, plant-based, and hand sculpted with nothing but the best herbs.